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Griffin Silk Bead Cord:
griffin silk

Griffin Silk

Available in twenty colors and seven sizes (from 2-14). The silk beading thread on each card measures approx 2 meters or 79 inches. We sell Griffin Silk to qualified wholesale customers in a pack of 10 cards. During their manufacture Griffin Bead Cord threads receive the precise number of twists under optimal tension in order to prevent fraying as well as tangling and knotting.

  • uses: stringing and knotting between beads, especially pearls.
  • current # of colors: 20
  • put up: approx. 2 meters / 79 inches per card (sold in 10 card packs)
  • type of bead cord: 100% silk
  • made in Germany
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When using Griffin silk cord, it is important to remember that the wire needle is only on one end. (This means that if you cut off the end with the needle you are now without an attached needle). It seems obvious, but many beginner beaders make that exact mistake. Because the wire needle is spun onto the silk cord, the end is only half as thick as a needle with a thread folded through it. This really helps when using small beads, and it allows you to use the thickest and strongest thread for each beading project.

Silk cord stretches, and we recommend pre-stretching it before using it for bead stringing or knotting between beads. Otherwise your finished piece of jewelry will gap between the beads and the knots. At our retail store, we encourage customers to dampen the silk cord in the sink, and then dry it off with paper towels. We then pull it through a folded fabric towel, and stretch it out by hand as much as possible. Grip the silk cord in both hands (about 28? apart) and pull firmly. Then move your hands down the thread and pull that section firmly. You will see the edges where it was folded onto a card straightening out and disappearing. When you are done, the silk thread should feel slightly stiff when you hold it up. At that point the silk cord is perfect for knotting or stringing beads. When it is knotted it will continue to stretch until it reaches a relaxed tension without any gaps or extra spaces.

Silk thread was traditionally used to knot between pearls, to protect them from rubbing against eachother and scuffing the nacre. The knots also protected the valuble pearls in case the silk thread was broken, so that only one or two beads would be lost. The pearls we use are usually inexpensive cultured pearls, but the look of knotted pearls is still popular and often chosen as a decorative element without practical necessity. Silk cord can also be used to make a ?floating? necklace where the beads seem to be suspended on the string with knots holding them in place.

Griffin silk cord is a natural protein fiber, and will degrade over time. Jewelry made with silk will fray and depending upon use and storage should be restrung every 3-8 years. The natural vibrant and luminous colors of the silk thread and the soft drape of any jewelry strung using silk beading thread makes up for the shorter lifetime and durability.

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