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C-Lon Beading Threads:
c-lon beading thread AA

Nylon Monocord Beading Thread Size AA (CLBAA)

For off-loom beadweaving with size 15 seed beads. UV resistant nylon monocord available in 36 colors. Compare to nymo size 0, with approx. 4 lbs breaking strength. +/- 75 yards/69m per bobbin. Made in the USA.

Wholesale customers - shop for C-lon size AA.
c-lon beading thread D

Nylon Monocord Beading Thread Size D (CLBD)

For on and off-loom beadweaving with size 10-11 seed beads or Delicas, mini micro-macrame, bead stitching and embroidery, etc. UV resistant nylon monocord available in 36 colors. Comparable to nymo size D, with approx 7 lbs breaking strength. +/- 80 yards/73m per bobbin. Made in the USA.

Wholesale customers - shop for C-lon size D.

C-lon Beading Thread is a superior nylon beading thread that comes in a range of colors for use in bead weaving. We selected a variety of luminous colors to compliment the rainbow of Miyuki seed beads. We offer C-Lon beading thread in size AA and D (36 colors of each) The beading thread is used for brick stitch, peyote stitch, square stitch, right-angle weave, loom weaving, and any other kind of bead weaving.

Many people like to pre-wax their thread using a specialized product or regular beeswax. Using a wax on your thread can make it even more sturdy and long-lasting, as well as more easy to work with (especially for beginners). Because seed beads have small holes, we recommend Japanese beading needles to be used with C-lon beading thread.

Unlike some of the hybrid cable beading threads, the C-lon beading thread is soft and flexible just like a sewing thread. C-lon beading thread can be used with sharp-edged beads such as Swarovski crystal, as long as you take care to reinforce your work and use the heaviest weight beading thread that will fit through your beads.

Other C-lon bead cords are used for micro-macrame, bead-stringing, finger-weaving, tatting--even for wrapping sword handles!

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