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C-Flex Beading Wire:

All sizes of C-Flex Beading wire are composed of 49 strands of stainless steel cable, are available in 30', 100', and 1000' spools and are Made in the USA.

.018 C-flex Beading Wire

  • Great for larger or heavier beads such as glass, natural, African, some semiprecious
  • # of colors: bronze, black and clear (appears grey)
  • breaking strength: approx 36 lbs
  • diameter: .018 inches

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.015 C-flex Beading Wire

  • Great for almost any bead with medium sized holes such as semiprecious, seed beads and some pearls
  • # of colors: bronze, black and clear (appears grey)
  • breaking strength: approx 21 lbs
  • diameter: .015 inches
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.012 C-flex Beading Wire

  • Good for 15/0 seed beads, pearls, and other beads with tiny holes
  • # of colors: only available in clear (appears grey)
  • breaking strength: approx 16 lbs
  • diameter: .012 inches

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c-flex beading wire

Our C-Flex® is a miniature 49-strand steel cable coated with clear nylon. Unlike the cheaper nylon covered beading wires which are less flexible, have fewer strands, and are quite prone to kinking (and later to breaking), C-Flex® bead stringing wire is both supple and extremely tough. It's the only brand of beading wire we've used in our store since the early 1990s so we know it's reliable and versatile.

Choosing the correct diameter beading wire will ensure that your jewelry is strong and long-lasting, resistant to sharp-edged or rough beads, and flexible as well as durable. The .018 diameter beading wire fits through 11/0 seed beads and Delicas but is strong enough to use with heavy necklaces. (For very heavy necklaces some beaders use a double strand of .018 beading wire). Our thinner .015 beading wire can double back through 11/0 seed beads and also fits through freshwater pearls, and for really lightweight applications the .012 beading wire is perfect.

There are of course other brands of bead stringing wire available and many of them offer all sorts of variations of colors and stranding. All three sizes of C-Flex beading wire are made from seven groups of seven strands, forty-nine strands in all. More strands make the beading wire more flexible and more resistant to kinking. It is easier and less expensive to make beading wires with fewer strands, but they are not as flexible or durable. We've chosen to keep things simple, so we offer three diameters (.012, .015, and .018 inches) of nylon-coated 49-strand stainless steel beading wire in clear, bronze, and black. (Note: .012 c-flex beading wire is only available in clear.)

49-strand beading wire is more flexible and less likely to kink and break than 7, 19, or 21-strand beading wire. It's true that 49-strand beading wire costs more to manufacture, but why spend a lot of money on nice beads and then string them on weaker bead stringing wire just to save a few cents? Makes no sense to us.

The chart below shows the breaking strength for C-Flex beading wire. If you can find the information for the brand you are using, please compare. In some cases .018 C-Flex is almost as strong as the .024 made by other companies. And be careful to compare 49 strand against the same number of strands from other manufacturers--fewer strands may have a higher breaking strength but are less flexible and more likely to kink and break in actual use.

Try it yourself: email us your postal address and request free samples (USA only, thanks).

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