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Freshwater Pearls
Freshwater pearl strands. All strands are approx 16-inch unless otherwise marked.
Biwa Freshwater Pearls 
Biwa freshwater pearl beads are flat side-drilled or top-drilled freshwater pearls. The word "biwa" comes from the name of a Japanese lute.
Button Freshwater Pearls 
Button freshwater pearl beads are taller than they are wide, and may be slightly flattened on one side.
Coin Freshwater Pearls 
Coin freshwater pearl beads are flattened and disk-shaped.
Top Drilled Freshwater Pearls 
Top-drilled freshwater pearl beads are drilled close to one end of the bead so that they hang down from the thread when they are strung.
Keshi Freshwater Pearls 
Keshi freshwater pearl beads are lumpy, somewhat flattened or crinkled pearl beads.
Nugget Freshwater Pearls 
Nugget freshwater pearl beads are lumpy somewhat rounded pearl beads with one side that is often flatter than the other.
Potato Freshwater Pearls 
Potato freshwater pearl beads are close to round but often are wider than they are long.
Rice Freshwater Pearls 
Rice freshwater pearl beads are longer than they are wide, either oval or long and rice shaped.
Rosebud Freshwater Pearls 
Rosebud freshwater pearl beads have tiny dots and grains on them.

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