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MM-045: Multi-Mix - Fish Tank Special
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Price: $8.00 - $15.00

MM-045:  Multi-Mix - Fish Tank Special

 Click to see the fish tank of Miyuki beads.

Multi Mix - Fish Tank Special
The origins of our retail store fish tank full of Miyuki beads is lost in Caravan antiquity. It is a popular stopping point for customers and now we're offering the same huge mix of Miyuki beads--everything from bugles to Delicas to drops to cubes and more--to our online customers. Choose from as little as a 10 gram tube all the way up to 250 gram packs. (Note: tubes pictured at left are reserved for retail customers; wholesale customers please purchase packs or half packs.)

Note, however, that this mix is limited in supply (we have perhaps 30 kgs in the tank) and is made from leftovers when we're tubing beads, making mixes, etc. So I can't promise that it will be available all the time. And we have to keep some for our local customers, of course!

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