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Home  » Beading Needles & Delica Pins  » Beading Needles & Delica Pins  » 193-104: Jp Thin Beading Needles 6pc (0.41 x 5.5cm / 2 1/8 in)
193-104: Jp Thin Beading Needles 6pc (0.41 x 5.5cm / 2 1/8 in)
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   Jp Beading Needles 6pc (0.41 x 5.5cm / 2 1/8 in): Available

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Price: $3.85

6pc pack of thin Japanese beading needles. Approx. equal to size 12 English needles. The thin beading needles are used for beadweaving and bead-embroidery with 15/0 seed beads and 15/0 delica beads, or whenever you have a project that requires a finer needle.

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