Seed and Nut Beads

Nuts and seeds have been used in jewelry making for a very long time. We are the wholesale distributor for the Columbian Craft Connection and we carry a full line of beads made from nuts and seeds. The Columbian Craft Connection is committed to following the Columbian Government's strenuous permit requirements for exporting flora and providing jobs to indigenous peoples. All the seed and nut beads are thoroughly dried and immunized.

Dyed colors are made with safe vegetable dyes that will not run in heat or humidity. The beads may expand however if continuously left exposed to very humid conditions. These seed and nut beads are natural and size and color does vary, and they may also have slight imperfections or marks on them.

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Types of Seed and Nut Beads

Acacia beads are made from the seeds of the thorny and pod-bearing Acacia family of shrubs and trees. They are spiky brown and dark brown in color.

acacia beads

Achira beads are made from the seeds of the Canna or Canna lily, a plant of the tropics. They are small dark brown or black seeds.

achira beads

Algorrobo beads are made from the seeds of the carob tree. The seeds are also called locust beans, and are a warm dark brown color.

algorrobo beads

Bamboo beads are made from the wood of the perennial evergreen plant bamboo family which are some of the fastest growing plants in the world.

bamboo wood beads

Blanquillo beads are common white beans which are grown in many varieties worldwide. The beans are a creamy white color.

blanquillo beads

Carambolo beads are made from the seeds of the starfruit plant.

carambolo beads

Chambimbe beads are the seeds of the Soapberry plant, a South American evergreen.

chambimbe beads

Coquito beads are made from the seeds of the Coquito Palm tree. They are naturally a light brown color.

coquito palm beads

Coco Corozo beads are made from Coconut wood. They are dark brown with lighter brown markings.

coconut beads

Congola Corazon beads are made from the beans of the Sea Heart or Monkey Ladder, which have the longest bean pods in the world. Millions of these seeds ride the oceans of the world, eventually washing ashore on distant beaches.

sea heart beads

Corozo Caucano beads are made from the nut of the Cohune Palm tree. The nuts are a dark brown color.

corozo caucano beads

Lagrima de San Pedro beads are the seeds of David's milkberry, an evergreen and vine-like shrub.

lagrima de san pedro beads

Mate beads are made from the seeds of the Mate, an evergreen shrub that is a type of holly.

mate beads

Ojo de Buey and Ojo de Venado beads are beans of the Mecuno or sea bean. They hang in long ropelike stems in rain forest environments. They are dark brown and may have a black or reddish edge.

bean beads

Palmito beads are made the seeds of certain palm trees, notably Acai palm or Jucara palm.

palm beads

Platanillo beads are made from the seeds of the Platanillo plant or Heliconia Bihai, a popular ornamental plant pollinated by bats and hummingbirds.

platanillo beads

Palma Rallada beads are made from broad beans which are some of the most ancient plants in cultivation. They vary from white to brown in color.

palma rallada beads