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String-Me-Along Project Bag

Be ready at all times with String-Me-Along Project Bags, the portable beading workstation. String-Me-Along opens to a lush velveteen interior designed exclusively for working on all your beading projects.

The detachable Project Exchange Bags comfortably house all your materials. Project Exchange Bags are also sold separately in packs of two so that all your beading supplies will be ready to travel when you are - just snap one into your String-Me-Along and go!

Shop for the String-Me-Along Project Bags and Project Exchange Bags on our website!

About Beadwork

"The String-Me-Along project bag from Caravan Beads and The Well-Done Experience is a great way to take your beading projects with you."

Beading Daily

"When rolled up, the whole beading mat is the perfect size to tuck into a tote bag or backpack when traveling."

Beading Daily

Mirrix Looms

"(String-Me-Along Project Bags) are gorgeous, they are practical, they are amazing and they are affordable."

Cladia Chase

I use my bead project bag whenever I travel - from work to home, or out of town. I like how I can stuff it into my purse with a bunch of papers and keys and all the other things that I carry around and know that it will protect the contents and keep everything organized and ready to go. I often pull it out on long car rides, rest it on a pillow on my lap, and work on my latest project.

If you are also trying to fit your beading into your free time, you will know how handy and convenient it can be to have it with you whenever you have a free moment.

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