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2.8mm Drop Beads

2.8mm Drop Beads

Sold in a standard wholesale package of ? grams (approx ? beads), or in a retail ?-? gram tube (approx ? beads).

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2.8mm Miyuki Drop Beads
3.4mm Drop Beads

3.4mm Drop Beads

Sold in a standard wholesale package of 250 grams (approx 4,500 beads), or in a retail 9-11 gram tube (approx 180 beads).

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3.4mm Miyuki Drop Beads

Miyuki drop beads are a type of Japanese seed bead that are formed into tiny top-drilled teardrops. They are especially popular in the "fancy" color-lined drops and for use in embellishment and fringe. Drop beads are smaller and more rounded than magatamas. The width of the glass above the hole can sometimes be irregular. The smallest 1.8mm size is shaped like a square, while the 3mm and 4mm cube beads are more rectangular. The 4mm size is the standard size and is available in the largest range of colors. The 1.8mm is the newest size. Cube beads are less uniform in shape than many of Miyuki's seed beads. They have relatively large holes and can fit on a narrow leather cord.

color-lined drop examples

The fancy color-lined drop beads (item numbers will begin DPF-) are made by applying paint to the inside of the bead holes. This is usually done using clear glass beads and is called color-lining. Since paint colors may not be possible to duplicate as colors of glass, this provides another way to expand the bead palette. Yet another effect is possible by making color-lined beads with colored glass. The image belows shows examples of both styles:

miyuki drop beads

If they are strung together they form a zigzag or zipper pattern, their shape causing them to stick out on each side.

miyuki drop beads

If you string a seed bead between each one they are spaced apart from eachother. (Shown with 11/0 Japanese seed beads).

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